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New Debt elimination, a non profit group for friends and family,around the world with the fastest way to get out of debt and take control of your life now!.You benefit with this mission plan in the areas of Law, Psychology, Culture, history,owning your own business, and more. Learn to exercise your freedom of right to travel without a drivers license or registration! teach your children about their culture! and to get help items, Contact Tarhaka toll free # 904-303-9061 before 7:00 pm est, all items will be sent via email attachment. For more detailed information about us read below. 


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                 1. International Travel documents !   

                 2.Get Rid of the I.R.S. Contracts!

                 3.Get Rid of Student Loan Contracts! 

                 4. Eliminate all Contracts of Enslavement!

                 5. Securing Arms privately!

                 6.Tools of Survival (Econimic Collapse)!

                 7.Indoor an out door survival System!

                 8.Tarhaka Master Library ! (Now Available )

                 9. Foreclosure Killer (stop them in their tracts)

                 10.Secured Party Creditor operating in the private

                 11.How to file your 1099's and other filings

                 12.How to become a private Banker (the right way)

                 13.Asset building,protecting and Investing

                 14.Professional private contractor financial advisors

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We are highly qualified and a non profit Global family help group who can provide you with all the tools and advice you need, especially in today’s rapidly changing, foreclosure housing crisis. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Canceling your mortgage contract, Cancellation of all non beneficial contracts, exercising freedom of right to travel without a drivers license,and registration, Cancellation of student loans,claiming your name correctly and much more,also accessing the largest private archives in the country  for your education on law, contracts, traffic citation cancellation, how to handle yourself in court, land deeds, discharging of debt and much more contact us now!

Toll free # 904-303-9061 before 7:00 pm est


"The do it yourself  packages worked like a charm,unsure at first but it worked!

But I want to add I also accessed the archives which made it much clearer...Anthony W. Baltimore Marilyn 

My greatest hope was that the cancellation of contract info would work and I must say it doe's. Gene F. Jax Florida

With Tarhaka Archives I had a law suit against me bought by my land lord dis mist by the court S. H. Bey Mobil Alabama 

The Archives has empowered me to get a three misdemeanor charges dismissed, IRS taxes discharged, challenge child support, and get consistent custody of my child through my own contracts found in the archives. In my opinion, Tarhaka archives are the most powerful library for people of African descent, because there is vast information on holistic health, history, survival, law and much more. I do not want to even think about where I would be without this library, because it has empowered me to be able to handle myself in any situation. Tarhaka EL Bey truly has a gift from The Creator that provides solutions to any problems that peoples of African descent may face. Further, please get the Archives while you can Moors, because all of our people should be liberated through solutions to problems and these archives provide you with the tools. Thanks Tarhaka, for being a mentor, a good friend, and guiding me through problems, so I could solve them all on my own. Peace & Blessings  Zuburi Khenti-Bey..............W Vaughn II.

After recieving Tarhaka documents I was able to get my student loan dismissed by the court

It was a complete shut down thanks for the guidence brother .................M C.


I want to give props to Tarhaka Amaana El Bey
He is a personnel trainer he trained me 4-5 lost up 40 lbs he taught more about real nutrition than alot of folks.God given nutrition. He juiced me and work different body parts target specific. I learned about my history, moors and olmanecs. He has great knowledge. His Physique looks and he is in better shape than people half his age...

L Mackey.


This is a letter I received dated January 8th 2014 from the mortgage company
that held the mortgage lien on my property after using Tarhaka get rid of your
mortgage package.

Dear Borrower

Please be advised that Caliber Home Loans, Inc. ("Caliber") has elected to

Release the lien on the Property associated with the above-referenced loan.

Accordingly, Caliber will not foreclose on the property.

Caliber will prepare and send the lien release documents to the appropriate

County recording office or trustee, which will then be returned to you.

Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.

Shalom brother Taharka it's Micah. Thank you for allowing me to make my testimony last night on your show I appreciate it. I will be contacting you about the SPC package. Attached is a picture of the termination papers from child support wage garnishment Tell me when you get it and if that's ok to put on your website. Thank you. Testimoney given on Blog talk radio July 15th 2007 show When do you need a Lawyer?